Dr. Mike Dow engages with experts on addictions, eating disorders, new therapy techniques, mental health and various interdisciplinary studies related to addiction and brings a healthy discussion and voice to difficult topics. Periodically check back in here for contributions from experts. Here Dr. Dow hopes to share pertinent information, solutions and treatments with you.

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Dr. Michael Carragher III, DO, ACOFP is board certified in Family Medicine with advanced training in the field of Age Management and Hormonal Optimization.  In 2007, he opened The Body Well, an integrated medical cooperative which brings together practitioners from a number of important disciplines under one roof.    Dr. Carragher has built this practice based on his unique approach to age management called The Carragher Method, helping clients achieve optimal wellness.

Articles by Dr. Michael Carragher >

Margaret Floyd, NTP, HHC, CHFS has been on the pursuit of the ideal, nutritious, and delicious way of eating for the better part of her adult life. She began her career in business with senior roles such as President of Spark Strategies and Vice President of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, but her passion for food took over and Margaret now works as a health and nutrition coach.

Articles by Margaret Floyd >

Howard C. Samuels, PsyD is a leading drug and alcohol addiction expert. He is a licensed therapist with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with years of experience running three successful treatment centers. As Program Director at Promises, in Malibu California to Founder of Wonderland Treatment Center and more recently, as CEO and Founder of The Hills Treatment Center, Dr. Samuels specializes in the treatment of all addictive disorders.

Articles by Dr. Howard C. Samuels >

Dr. Patricia Pitts is the Chief Executive Officer of The Bella Vita established in 1985. She is a nationally renowned expert in the treatment of anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating and disordered eating. She has addressed a variety of national and international professional conferences in her twenty-seven years of treating these disorders.


Articles by Dr. Patricia Pitts >

Ken Seeley, BRI II / RAS, has remained involved, professionally and personally, in recovery since 1989. He applies his relevant experience and boundless enthusiasm to profoundly change the lives of people who suffer from the disease of addiction - both the addict, and the addicts' family and friends. Ken works with a dedicated team to save lives every day as the founder of Intervention911. His organization is one of the most prominent and successful private intervention services in the country.

Articles by Ken Seeley >

Chef James Barry, personal chef and owner of the Los Angeles based healthy meal delivery company Wholesome2go. Chef James co-authored the recipe section of Eat Naked: Unprocessed, Unpolluted, and Undressed Eating for a Healthier, Sexier Youand supports Margaret and her clients with creative recipes, menu planning tips, and all sorts of great strategies to make eating naked fun and seriously delicious.

Articles by James Barry >

Dr. Perri Zinberg, Ph.D. is a health psychologist with expertise in weight management, stress reduction, anxiety and pain management. Using evidenced-based, behavioral and cognitive-behavioral therapy in combination with Mindfulness and Positive Psychology, she has helped numerous clients achieve and surpass their goals. Dr. Zinberg has been in private practice for more than 20 years, and has served as adjunct faculty at Azusa Pacific University and Chapman University at the graduate and undergraduate level.

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